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User Defined Actor Image

Visual Paradigm for UML supports user-defined UML notation rendering – selected types of models (Actor, Class, LifeLine, ...) can be set to display user-defined image instead of traditional UML symbols. Numerous professional-looking clip arts are bundled for each model type for instant use. In this tips and tricks, we will take Actor as an example to show how you can make use of this cool feature in UML modeling.

What is Actor?

An Actor models a type of role played by an entity that interacts with the subject (e.g., by exchanging signals and data), but which is external to the subject (i.e., in the sense that an instance of an actor is not a part of the instance of its corresponding subject). Actors may represent roles played by human users, external hardware, or other subjects.

Drawing Actor in Use Case Diagram

To draw an Actor in Use Case Diagram, click on the Actor button on the diagram toolbar, and then click on the empty space of the diagram. An Actor shape in standard UML notation (the “stick man” figure) is created.

Using Bundled Image for Actor

In this example, we will select a “Application Server” icon for the Actor.

  1. To display an Actor with a bundled image, right-click on the Actor and select Presentation Options > User-Defined, the first ten bundled imageds are shown (sorted by name alphabetically).

  2. If the desired image is one of the images shown, just click to use it. If it is not (like in this example), click More... to select other images.

  3. In the Select Image dialog box, all bundled images for Actor are listed. Click on an image and its preview will be displayed in the Preview area.

  4. After click OK or Apply, the Actor will be displayed with the selected image.

Using Custom Image for Actor

  1. To display an Actor with a custom image, right-click on the Actor and select Presentation Options > User-Defined > Select from File....

  2. Select any image in the file dialog box. After that, the Actor will be displayed with the selected image

Last modified: 2005/11/21 16:32
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